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Lesley is known for creating unique yoga sequences — moving meditations that transform your body, create awareness of breath and calm the mind.

Lesley provides a range of personalized yoga offerings. She works with her clients to build strength, increase flexibility, alleviate chronic pain, lose weight, reduce stress, develop healthy alignment, improve balance, flexibility, and strengthen your muscles.

Whether it is your first visit to the mat or your daily practice, Lesley will work with you to develop an individualized plan to help you achieve your goals and enhance your overall health and well-being.


Move, stretch, and build strength. Develop healthy alignment, improve balance, flexibility, and strength.


Synchronize breath to movement. Learn to control your breath to enhance your asana practice, release tension and relax your body.


Calm the mind through meditation. Reduce stress and relieve anxiety. Wake up every day and embrace it with movement and joy!

Connect with Lesley to develop a personalized program to build your yoga practice today.


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Lesley is grateful to be teaching, practicing and studying Yoga every day. She teaches classes of all sizes, ages and skill sets. She has a passion for introducing beginners to the world of yoga, bringing people who have left back to yoga, as well as working with experienced yogis to build their practice.

Lesley’s path to the yoga studio started years ago and continued to keep her centered and focused throughout her 30 + years in corporate America. She dove into teacher training during a period of mourning after her mom passed away. This helped her to deepen her practice, calm her mind and start healing her heart.

Lesley is a 500 RYT with the Yoga alliance and is continuing to learn and study every day. She completed her certification at New York’s acclaimed Sonic Yoga. When Lesley is not in the studio, you can often find her in Central Park with Lola, her new adorable toy poodle — a rescue from South Korea.

Whatever your level, come join Lesley on the mat to improve your balance, flexibility, and overall well-being.



Individualized yoga can improve your balance, flexibility, and overall well-being. Strengthen, build, transform and empower yourself as you work towards your physical and spiritual goals. Through yoga, meditation, and pranayama you will construct and fortify your foundation, practice and outlook.


Want to learn to meditate? Or maybe you want to build on your current practice? Lesley will work with you to create a process for mindfulness that will help you achieve peace and clarity, in your body and soul.


Are you at a personal and/or professional crossroads, unsure of how to move forward? Lesley can guide you to clear your mind, so you can focus on your potential pathways to achieve your dreams.


Currently scheduling individualized private and semi-private sessions. These sessions can be virtual or in person, if vaccinated. Reach out and Lesley will develop a program that is tailored to you.

Lesley teaches the following:

  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Hatha yoga
  • Restorative yoga
  • Core strength classes
  • Chair yoga
  • FEETUP yoga- (you will need a feetup trainer)
  • Family yoga
  • Kid’s yoga
  • Meditation
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques practice)
  • Corporate wellness – Lesley works directly with a company’s HR department/ or wellness representative to build a program suited to (or responsive to) employee’s needs. After 30+ years in this environment, Lesley has on the ground experience to assist in alleviating the stress and clearing of their minds to focus and feel better. Movement is key!
  • Thai Yoga Bodywork – A wonderful, calming experience that works with your body to create a relaxing, open feeling of well-being.
    60- or 90-minute sessions

workshop and new signature program offering:

beginner yoga workshop:

One of Lesley’s passions is bringing people to yoga or bringing people back to yoga with an easy, personal introduction to all the benefits of Yoga.

Whether you are a new or returning yoga student, there’s much to gain from a review of the basics. Join Lesley virtually or in person if fully vaccinated. In this workshop, you will discover the interconnection of movement, alignment and breathing, while exploring yoga basics in a soothing, nurturing environment. In this workshop we will practice and examine foundation poses, balancing poses, and sun salutations, while also addressing basic yoga-class etiquette. You will leave with a solid foundation to build upon, and a new sense of confidence. This is a 3-session workshop with each session being 90 minutes.

New Signature Program:

the path to the best you!

(Connect or reconnect with your Joy)

Have you currently suffered emotionally because of the Pandemic, had a fall, a break-up, experienced the loss of a significant other, in a job in which you feel stuck…. Please connect today!

Lesley helps successful women who are struggling with burnout, to move back to a place of harmony, purpose and vision.

This program is a 6- or 8-week program offered in 3 modules: You can take individual modules or take the entire course. This program offered in private or group settings

module 1: balance – Firm your foundation by unmasking all “cracks in the foundation” and reconstructing to create solid ground. Take a clear look at where you are today, how you arrived there, and distinguish between what is working for you and what is not. Reflect and settle any outstanding obstacles as we secure your foundation to embrace change and look forward to where you want to go. Learn to focus on your balance “physically, mentally, and emotionally.”

module 2: transformation/transition – This is the hard work of accepting change and moving through it by letting go of all that is not serving you as you move towards your ideal vision for your future. Creating a roadmap, tools and committed path for your next chapter.

module 3: resilience – Build the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual tenets that you need for sustenance. See yourself as the goddess warrior/survivor you are, as you build the skillset to maintain your positive focus. Life continues to happen so we will develop the tools needed to spring back when we lose our balance.

the perfect gift

Are you interested in embarking on a new adventure? One that provides the strength, vitality and calm you can use in these uncertain times? Whether you’re new to yoga or a returning practitioner, there are so many benefits.  Consider how session(s) can help you to:

Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression

Improve body and mind flexibility

Enhance your overall quality of life

Support heart health, pain management, and better sleep habits

Build the perfect class or package for you or someone you love! Give the gift of Movement!

Connect and tell Lesley more about your and/or their areas of interest and she will create a more personal experience.

Donation class done for India Covid Relief


Please reach out directly to Lesley with any needs and she will work with you.

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    7am-8am @sonicyoga Kids Yoga
    3:30pm-4:30pm @sonicyoga
    Starting 2/13/2020:
    Beginner Yoga workshop
    10:30am-12pm @beunewyork17
    7am-8am @mercedesclub

    Please check social media accounts for weekly schedule: